Thursday, August 12, 2010

LIFE HAS its ups and downs....

so far college life hasn't killed me yet...bridging class sucks n OMG,i couldnt stand the crititical thinking class man..its like a burning place in!!!WHY DO WE HAV TO GO 4 SIVIK CLASSES 4 3 WEEKS..dun u think its a waste of time..??i mean,1 or 2 weeks is negotiable but 3??i feel like i havent got anything that is related to my course which i suppose to take??DAMN..!!btw,my ID card tak siap lagi...%^&*$#@!!!!!shit man dah lebih sebulan tak siap lagi koang proses plastik dulu ke baru nak wat..dahlah everything using class system...mcmane nak log in kalo takde matrix card...bongok tul!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


finally,i've made up my mind...tut..tut..tut...hahaha....!!at last...yay!!i decided to go on with foundation in law...i mean wat u got to lose??i'll give it a try..we never knew wat goin to happen in the isn't goin the way we wanted to sometime..then,i'll continue my bachelor year in psychology...who says law can't adapt psychology??sometime we need to think that maybe god provide us a better way in our life...i started to accept everything with all my heart...n maybe someday i will succeed juz like everyone else with no regrets...xoxo