Thursday, February 25, 2010

sushi mushi.....

Today,i went out wit my last,aku lepas juga gian aku kat sushi was hell fun..!!i kinda makan byk today n craving for more mcm org pregnant...sory la fren aku ni DBKL skit mmg aku mkn sabar jela yea...we walked around the shopping area looking for dress,kitorang heret je skali afiq ngan khairi..hehehhe...tula korang kalo ikut kitorang mmg kene tahan lasak skit..SAB pulak tak habis2 ngan sukhjit punye citer...WTF?!!ko ckpla ape pown i dun give a damn on,sory la sukhjit...n yg paling crazy skali mase tunggu bas,dahla lambat penuh ngan makhluk dunia plak tuh...mcm setan je..last2 naik CAB je..nasib baik dye charge rm30 4 takdela mahal sgt..kecian kat sab jela kene jln kaki balik umah..tu balasan kot sbb ngutuk aku nGAN S ....heheheheh!!!jgn marah yea...anyway,guys u make my day was so fun n we should do it again sometime...xoxo

Thursday, February 18, 2010


PSYCHOLOGY......when it comes to this word,people keep thinking of people whom suffers from mental problems or in a word which is 'CRAZY'...thats the problem malaysian people thinking.why do they hav to conclude that psychology is for crazy people..?they never tried to understand the real situation..when i told my family that i wanted to be a psychology doctor,they're all freaked'WHAT?BYK2 KERJA ITU JUGA KA YG KO SUKA?'...i answered them back'JGN KAMU PANDANG RENDAH DGN KERJA ITU..'..i like to help people n i dont think its a big mistake though..i knew in malaysia psychiatrist mmg susah nak cari makan but there is always a solution in every problem right?i will never give up that easy n u know wat i think i will hav a great future in this sector..making people happy is juz the same like making you happy*said an old fren of mine*so,here i am waiting for my future comin to me...

Saturday, February 6, 2010


i went out wit my fren last thursday to the curve.we actually planned to walked around n suddenly tersesat tgk wayang fame which is so DAMN worth ASHER BOOK..mestila worth,tak maenla rampas2...ko amik je tatum ko whole day walking balik rumah je kaki dah kebas..kalah2 org g merentas best gler dpt keluar jln..i am so freaking bored at home..drooloing one whole day nothing to do..teringat pula nak makan kek secret recipe...mmmm....

to lee..:i will let u know by monday kay?