Monday, May 9, 2011

yehaa!!! i'm back!!

Heyy!!i'm back in blogspot AGAIN..since nobody reads my blog in tumblr nsab said that my last post in blogspot is still about santa yeah..i decided to be here again..hahah..its been 4 days since i recovered from my influenza(fever,bad cold,sore throat)..its like all the disease came to me at once..the first i got my really bad cold is on the day of the final exam..only god knows how suffer i was during the exam..with no sleep the whole night,i totally lost all my concentration..n i feel that the words r dancing..(maybe i was too dizzy),oh hell yeah!!i'm free from any penyakit berjangkit..hahahaa!!!i hav for about a month for holiday before my next sem..oh ya,to sab my dear tenuk president.I'M IN LOVE WITH HAN....