Thursday, February 18, 2010


PSYCHOLOGY......when it comes to this word,people keep thinking of people whom suffers from mental problems or in a word which is 'CRAZY'...thats the problem malaysian people thinking.why do they hav to conclude that psychology is for crazy people..?they never tried to understand the real situation..when i told my family that i wanted to be a psychology doctor,they're all freaked'WHAT?BYK2 KERJA ITU JUGA KA YG KO SUKA?'...i answered them back'JGN KAMU PANDANG RENDAH DGN KERJA ITU..'..i like to help people n i dont think its a big mistake though..i knew in malaysia psychiatrist mmg susah nak cari makan but there is always a solution in every problem right?i will never give up that easy n u know wat i think i will hav a great future in this sector..making people happy is juz the same like making you happy*said an old fren of mine*so,here i am waiting for my future comin to me...