Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Finally,i've made up my mind after all obstacles that i've been through..i finally decided to go on with PSYCHOLOGY,somehow i realised no matter how hard i tried to forget bout my dream,it keep trying to come back to me...somep people said i'm like to change my mind but they never understand how hard it is to achieve our can be unfair sometimes to us.but take it as part of God test to us..i'm so happy that i can start a very new life n also new i know how cruel people can be..i'm wuite dissapointed with my college frens coz none of them have ever called or even bother bout me..since thay r so busy with whopping n expensive restaurant they wanna wat the hell...i'm better off without them..actually i feel happier this way..i dun know old classmates r much fun then people always like that..they only know how to waste money without even know how hard it is to earn money...