Wednesday, March 21, 2012

failure makes you stronger

ok,fine...i always complain a lot bout how sucks my life is.(which actually its true).i gonna tell my bright side of life (which again not more than 40%)...i began to fall since form studies n life..i used to be one of the 'budak pandai" in class..before i fall so badly,i'm a very competitive students especially in academics..i can study the whole 2 months before exams and axceel in my class project..teachers also called me the next 'pakar sejarah' since i can hafal the whole sejarah from form 1 to form 3 and tell it to my other classmates without looking at the book or notes..i dunno how i can do that..i'm amazed with my sejarah ability sports,i'm very good in lompat jauh and lontar lembing n peluru.i even in the top 10 runner for acara merentas desa(ps..i dun take shortcut)..when i flash back through all my memories well i came across to think that hey Joy,u are not a total failure,u are once a star student..thats makes me think i'm really that stupid..i just need my motivation and strength back to be on top..