Thursday, June 9, 2011

i'm ok...

Yeah,i title sound so weird this time as if i'm gonna die or something..well guess wat..i am DYING now..not physically but mentally dying...i thought short sem gonna be a little loose than the long sem..but it turns out the opposite way..IT SUCKS LIKE HELL MAN!!!SHIT!!!(cant curse a lot here) DEAR lecturer juz drop a gigantic nuclear bom on our head..BOOM!!! assignments here they come..omg,4 pages of cultural anthropology reports..i dun even understand the question..but like others said...its a challenge 4 some of them..(the one yg semangat nak buat keje)..for me 'im officially dying n need a lawyer to write my will or i juz post it on facebook status..its easier anyway..everyone can read it..but no matter how hard it is,i 'm not gonna stop..cozi have wasted a year changing courses n that not gonna happen the end i juz pray 4 myself..HELP ME GOD!!