Thursday, June 30, 2011


since i always whine about my life in college..many assignments n stressed this and that...i think i less talking about my life..becoz its just the same everyday..wat can i matter wat it is,we should be grateful wit our lives becoz not everyone are as lucky as we r..countries like africa,afghanistan.people tere suffer like hell n only god knows how painful their life food and shelter..we hav our own home n food(we can eat whatever we want) be grateful for wat we hav eventhough we always seem to feel imcomplete but yeah be grateful..
okay,i still wanted to talk about college life,sorry la i have to spill it out..hahaha!!yesterday in class,we foud like many little folded paper which we thought was sampah n my korean fren,lee kwan sung was coomplaining that they have no manners throwing rubbish turns out to be little diary from frustrated girl..we think so is a SHE..she complain that her boyfren did not pay attention to her n always busy wit work n studies..i mean it suppose to be a good thing wat..that the guy concentrate on goin success in life rather than berkepit 24 hours n jeles here n there..we think that this girl got mental issues n doesnt know how appreciate people around her..this girl seriuosly crazy n need psychology class...